October 31, 2014Holidays

It is very, very hard for me to work up any kind of enthusiasm about Halloween. Except for a few great years in my partying days, it’s never been my favourite occasion – and this year, I am feeling especially curmudgeonly about it. If it weren’t for my children, I would, without a doubt, be […]


queen of the road.

September 19, 2014bohemian life

I took my children on a road trip over the summer. My husband was in the middle of a creative project, so it was just the three of us; I joked that I was recreating the family drives of my ’70s childhood, with no movies or gadgets in the car, several singalongs and the occasional […]


crickets/on patience and change.

September 5, 2014Life

  Friends, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I have fallen out of the habit of writing here. There have been a few factors at play: we have had extra work and houseguests and difficult emotional times. There was a mantle of tension and sadness settled on our small family that has taken us […]


my valentine.

February 14, 2014Holidays

Friends, what a pleasure to have my ode to love posted over on the Marion House Book today! This is my third post for Emma (see the first here, and the second here) and I’m honoured and inspired every time I have a chance to share that space – especially when the charming and highly […]



February 13, 2014bohemian life

I am so grateful that the sun is shining today. We are back (yes!) from our sojourn in the south, and despite how wonderful it is to be home – and particularly, back in the arms of my love – I have found the return to the cold weather staggeringly difficult. This is partly because, […]