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queen of the road.

September 19, 2014bohemian life

I took my children on a road trip over the summer. My husband was in the middle of a creative project, so it was just the three of us; I joked that I was recreating the family drives of my ’70s childhood, with no movies or gadgets in the car, several singalongs and the occasional […]



February 13, 2014bohemian life

I am so grateful that the sun is shining today. We are back (yes!) from our sojourn in the south, and despite how wonderful it is to be home – and particularly, back in the arms of my love – I have found the return to the cold weather staggeringly difficult. This is partly because, […]


all my bags are packed.

January 18, 2014bohemian life

Friends, it’s happening: I’ve bundled up my children, and we are winging our way to this perfect place this morning. I won’t see you for three weeks! But when I do, I hope you forgive my ear-to-ear smile and the tan that I will brandish shamelessly, like a trophy. And in the meantime, I hope […]


adios to all that.

March 5, 2013bohemian life

I am not overly fond of winter. I should consider myself lucky, living as I do in relatively balmy southern Ontario – where winter is a bit of a joke compared to what most of the rest of the country has to face – but even still. I can’t stand this weather. I am never […]



October 19, 2012bohemian life

I have been a sartorial disaster lately. I don’t know how it happens that each time the seasons change, I find myself caught out, at least a day or two (if I am being generous) behind the weather. It’s autumn, friends, officially and irrevokably, and yet each chillier-than-I-anticipated morning finds me stuffing my feet into […]