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October 31, 2014Holidays

It is very, very hard for me to work up any kind of enthusiasm about Halloween. Except for a few great years in my partying days, it’s never been my favourite occasion – and this year, I am feeling especially curmudgeonly about it. If it weren’t for my children, I would, without a doubt, be […]


my valentine.

February 14, 2014Holidays

Friends, what a pleasure to have my ode to love posted over on the Marion House Book today! This is my third post for Emma (see the first here, and the second here) and I’m honoured and inspired every time I have a chance to share that space – especially when the charming and highly […]


on the next day.

December 28, 2013Holidays

I am a big fan of boxing day. First of all, it’s my sister’s birthday, so it seems only natural to greet the 26th of December with nearly as much fanfare as the 25th. Also, there is something about the energy on the day after Christmas that I just adore: the house is slightly disheveled, […]


oh the weather outside is frightful.

December 19, 2013Holidays

Friends, it’s happening! Winter is here. While my intolerance for the cold is well-documented, neither it nor the icy, miserable conditions outdoors can dampen my enthusiasm for the holidays, which are, as they say, just around the corner. Like the rest of you, I am occupied with a long list of happy-making tasks. While I […]


keeping count.

October 21, 2013Holidays

The morning after I turned forty, the power went out. At first I worried about the significance of the lights going out on the first day of my new decade, but in fact it wasn’t so bad. It was a drizzly day, and we (we grown-ups, at least) were all feeling a little foggy from […]